Web and Cloud services; Distributed Computation and System; Concurrency Data Structure; Visual Data Analytics; High-performance and Large-scale Application Architecture.


Software Developer (April 2016 – Present) - QuirkLogic Inc

Involving in Quirklogic agile R&D engineering team building cloud and web services for real-time ideation e-ink solution “Quilla” and its ecosystem.

Rotating scrum master leading sprint planning, refinement, development, daily SCRUMs, retrospectives, backlog grooming. Act as a bridge between cloud team and other teams for cross-team collaboration.

  • Cloud Server - Quirklogic AWS cloud service. Writing core REST APIs for distributed file system, access control, data share, sync & collaborate, user account security and customer provisioning. Create and publish private NPM modules and middlewares of crypto authentication and keyGen services, etc.

  • Web Portal - Quirklogic React Web application offering UI for customer provision, user and file management service.

  • Proxy Server - Node server that acts as an intermediary for requests from web portal seeking resources and services from AWS cloud service. Core modules include key-exchange authentication and memcached layer (distributed memory caching).

Stack: REST, Node.js & Express.js, JSON, Redis, NoSQL, Couchbase Server & Sync Gateway, N1ql & GSI, JIRA, crypto, Scrum Agile, JIRA, React, Redux, JSX, Git

Software Consultant (April 2016 – Present) - Northstar Drillstem Testers

Part-time consultant for the architecture and development of Northstar web services.

  • NSOPER Web - Northstar in-house web payroll browser-side application with responsive design. It provides easy, convenient, confidential access to payroll processing and reporting, which also allows team of industry experts to post the latest payroll generation data, employee bonus, manufacturing events and updates.

  • NSOPER Cloud - DigitalOcean cloud server providing core services and computation like access security, user management, account protection, payroll entry and submission, bonus and base pay calculation, payroll reports computation and customized online PDF creator, reader and download.

Software Consultant (May 2016 • April 2017) - Northstar Drillstem Testers

Providing consultation for Northstar services with native app, web app and cloud service components. Built and integrate new NSLIVE functions, i.e, realtime DST horner and derivative analytics and visualization.

Assisting in the maintenance of Northstar Live and Northstar Field platform. Management of production, staging, testing and development environments. Making recommendations to and working with Northstar global oilfield team to integrate new features.

Software Consultant (May 2015 – April 2016) - Northstar Drillstem Testers

Lead developer building web and cloud application ‘Northstar Live’ (NSLIVE) and cross-platform data streaming and transmitting desktop software ‘Northstar Field’ (NSFIELD).

  • NSLIVE Web - Modern dashboard and visual analytics application built on AngularJS MVC with responsive design. Providing simple and convenient UI for data analysis, collaborate and share among Northstar engineering team and clients.

  • NSLIVE Cloud - Northstar Node server providing web and desktop app with REST services. Core features like Cloud Pub/Sub of real-time messaging and live data streaming; visual analytics; NoSQL cloud storage; user account protection; data sharing and dashboard collaboration, etc.

  • NSFIELD Desktop - A light Electron-based cross-platform frontend application for transmitting oilfield data to NSLIVE cloud service globally and in real time.

Stack: REST, Node.js, MongoDB, WebSocket, Express.js, D3, SVG, AngularJS, HTML5, MVC, JSON, Bootstrap, Digital Ocean, Nginx and Electron.

Research Assistant (August 2013 – April 2015) - University of Calgary

Member of ‘Randomized and Distributed Algorithms Group’, conduct research on project “Dynamic Task Allocation in Asynchronous Shared Memory”. Built randomized concurrent tree structure for the multi-threaded processing of tasks.

Assisted as a TA for computer science CPSC 319 of java-based Data Sructures & Algorithms. Bridged the gap between simple and advanced concepts by walking through various real-word examples and applications.

Software Engineer (August 2013 – April 2015) - NARI Group Corporation

Involved in the development of Windows project “Fast Load Flow Calculation System”, including numerical algorithms analysis, refactoring and profiling and matrix pre-processing of large-scale sparse group of linear equations, etc.

Involved in research project ”Performance Analysis of Differential-algebraic Subsystems”. Applied parametrization techniques for system simplification.


The University of Calgary, 2013 - 2015

  • M.Sc, Computer Science, Randomized Shared Memory, Voluntary Withdrawal

Simon Fraser University, 2014

  • Summer School, Randomized Techniques for Combinatorial Algorithms

Southeast University, 2008 – 2012

  • B.Sc, Mathematics and Computing Science