About Me

My name is Longsheng Zhou, a software development engineer living in Calgary. I was born in Funing, a small but peaceful town in the mainland of China and lived there for around 20 years with my parents.

I spent 4 years in Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu province and got my bachelor degree in Applied Mathematics in 2012 from Southeast University.

After that, I was enrolled in the Ph.D program of the School of Automation (Southeast University), where I accomplished my bachelor thesis/project “Performance Analysis of Differential-algebraic Subsystems” under the supervision of Dr.Xianzhong Dai. But I dropped out later because I finally decided to move to Canada. In the rest of time in 2013, I worked as a developer and system analyst for the Key Laboratory of Measurement and Control of Complex Systems of Engineering (Electricity/Energy Syst, Ministry of Education, China).

I was then enrolled in the master program in Computer Science in the University of Calgary doing some wonderful reasearch with Dr.Philipp Woelfel in randomized shared memory.

Now I am working as a Software Developer in Quirklogic, Inc and involved in the development of cloud service for a fantastic cutting edge device.

Contact Me

I am now living in Calgary with my wife, you could know my leisure life through our blog “Love As Travel”

You could also contact me via the following social media:

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